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Tax Invoice
Invoice No: Transport Mode:
Invoice date: Vehicle number:
Reverse Charge(Y/N): Date of Supply:
State: code Place of Supply:
Bill to Party
Invoice No:
Invoice date:
Reverse Charge(Y/N):
State: code
S. No. Production Description HSN code UOM Qty Rate Amount Discount Taxable Value CGST SGST Total
Rate Amount Rate Amount


5 25000 2000 23000 2070 2070 27140
Total Invoice amount in words Total Amount before Tax 23000
Add: CGST 20170
Add: SGST 2070
Total Tax Amount 4140
Total Amount after Tax: 27140
Bank Details
Name of Account Holder: Director, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College, Ludhiana
Name of Bank: Punjab & Sind Bank, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College, Ludhiana
Branch: Gill, Ludhiana
Type of Account: Saving Bank Account
One Line Account No. : 7328428742 4435
IFSC Code No. : PS13344545

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